Thursday, August 25, 2011

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I just didn't feel like Blogger was giving me what I wanted from a website. Every time I changed one little thing the entire template broke. I couldn't take it. So I bought my very own domain name and launched my new Meal Ideas website, I have already posted some new original recipes over there and there's more coming this week!

In other awesome news, Sita who some of you know from her SU page or her tumblr will be collaborating with me over on Meal Ideas which means you will get 2 great cooks for the price of one! Since the price is free, you really can't beat that, can you!

I plan to use this blogger to bookmark recipes I intend to use at a later date from now on, rather than posting my original stuff here BUT hey, you may still find it worth following and you can always head over to Meal Ideas and see what I actually end up doing with the random recipes I find on the internet.

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